How To Cover Smoke Detectors? 6 Easy Ways To Follow

As important as they are, smoke detectors can occasionally become an annoyance. Think of frying up some chicken and vegetables for a date night and hearing the smoke alarm go off!

These are the situations where you want to switch the device off shortly. Covering your smoke detector is the best way to stop it from going off.

You have come to the right site if you’re looking for simple and effective ways to cover your smoke detector. We’ll give you some simple tips on how to cover your smoke detector, which can greatly ease your day.

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Ways To Cover Smoke Detectors


Following are some ways that will help you to cover smoke detectors:

1. With Sealed Quarter Bags Or Plastic Bag

A simple way to cover the smoke detector is with a plastic bag. It performs the task, yet it lacks style. Sealed quarter bags work perfectly for most smoke detectors; however, one can also use a shopping bag if it has no holes. It is advisable to have a colored indicator on the bag to pay attention to so you don’t miss it.

To bind the plastic bag on the smoke detectors, you will require a rubber band to keep it in place. Let the bag open and place it on the gadget. Extend the rubber band and place it until the upper section of the bag’s mouth meets the ceiling.

Cover the top of the bag with tape if you have no rubber band. It must be wrapped securely around the detector to prevent air from entering the bag. The smoke will set off the alarm if this isn’t done correctly.

Remove the rubber band when you are prepared to turn on the smoke detector again. Before doing this, you need to wait till the air is clear. It is recommended to never use the bag for any other reasons in the future.

2. Cover With Shower Caps

You would require a shower cap for this procedure to cover your smoke detector. A cap with no holes is essential because the openings may allow smoke to pass through, leading to a wrong alert.

The bottom of the shower caps has elastic bands. These bands can be made wider or narrower to fit different-sized heads. Shower caps are thus ideal for easily putting on and taking off any object, as well as the smoke detector.

Remember to cover the device by stretching the shower cap over the entire thing. Uncover the detector once the air is clean.

Remove the shower cap, throw it in the trash can, or save it for another use. However, if you are using it for an extended period, there is a possibility that mold will occur inside a shower cap.

3. Use Aluminum Foil

You can use a thin piece of aluminum foil for this task if you don’t have any shower caps or plastic bags.

Before using it, size the aluminum foil to the smoke detector. Ensure the cutout is about the right size, neither too large nor too small.

After that, set a fan in a place to face the smoke detector. This is done to spread the smoke and make it thinner and ignorable.

Protect the detector by placing the aluminum foil. To keep it in place, utilize tape or a rubber band.

Eliminate the fan from its place and remove the aluminum foil out of the smoke detector once there is no longer any smoke where you are.

4. Use A Towel

A towel or blanket will prevent the smoke detectorPathogens from being triggered. Some people prefer to use a pillowcase or scarf, but make sure that it’s not too thick, or it may block the smoke detector from working properly.

5. Smudge With A Candle

The most common way to cover smoke detectors is to smudge them with a candle. This is because candles contain wax and, therefore, can be used as a barrier—not only will the smoke detector not detect smoke, but it will also create a physical barrier between you and whatever you’re trying to protect yourself from.

Light up a small stick of incense or soy-based candle (all other types of burning materials are not recommended). Then, pass the flame over the surface of the smoke detector until it’s covered in wax.

This process might take longer than expected; keep going until there’s enough soot on top that it looks like frosting on top of your favorite cake!

6. Cover It With A Trash Can

Covering a smoke detector with a trash can is an excellent way to prevent it from going off when you’re trying to cook. Make sure the lid is tight, and there’s no way for the smoke from your cooking (or whatever else) to escape. However, this method only works if the trash can completely covers your smoke detector. If it does not cover the whole detector, some smoke may get through and set off the alarm.


1. How can I lessen the sensitivity of my smoke detector?

Places with a high air speed are, for example, the space outside a bathroom door where mist from a shower can escape or an area that is excessively close to cooking smoke from an oven. You can reduce the device’s sensitivity by placing the smoke detector away from a location with fast-moving air that could set it off.

2. Do smoke detectors be painted over?

Smoke detectors shouldn’t be painted. Most smoke alarms have the statement “do not paint” printed out as a warning. Paint might hinder airflow, making it more difficult for the alarm to trace a fire.

3. Do smoke detectors have a red blinking light?

Every smoke alarm has a red light that illuminates shortly every 40–60 seconds to show that it is working visually. This similar red light will flash continuously when the smoke alarm is turned on.


Installing a smoke detector in your house is the best thing. It goes off when there is even a little particle of smoke. However, sometimes it becomes irritating, and you have to cover it temporarily. You can cover it using aluminum foil, shower caps, plastic bags, etc. But don’t forget to take off the smoke detector cover when you’re done. If not, you won’t be alerted if there is a serious incident in the house.

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