Why Do Security Cameras Have Red Lights? – Now You Know

A status LED light or the red light produced by IR illuminators in cameras equipped with night vision could be the red light of a CCTV camera. It could simply be a fake red light to deter crime, or it could be a sign that the camera is recording or that the motion detection feature is on.

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In this article, we’ll explain the purpose of security cameras with red lights and how they can be used to deter crime. We’ll also provide a guide to the different color LEDs used on security cameras and what they mean.

Reasons For Red Light On Security Camera

The followings are a few reasons why security cameras have red lights:

1. Used as a deterrent against crime

Criminals are less likely to commit crimes if they know they’re being watched. The presence of a security camera with a visible red light makes it clear that the area is being monitored and helps to deter crime before it even happens.

2. Assure the camera’s functionality

The installation of older camera models was dangerous. Imagine trying to determine whether a camera was recording or not by going back and forth to examine the video. A basic red light indicator was the ideal solution to verify the camera’s functionality.

3. A reminder that the area is being watched

Even if a criminal doesn’t see the camera, the red light will remind them that they’re being watched. This can help to deter crime even if the criminals are unaware of the camera’s presence.

4. Ensure The Night Vision

The capacity of a security camera to capture images in low- or no-light situations is one of its most crucial qualities. Night vision is the term used to describe this. This is significant since burglaries and other crimes frequently occur at night.

Modern security cameras frequently employ infrared (IR) LED light technology to provide night vision. Special LED illuminators around the lens of security cameras with night vision capabilities generate IR light.

Ensure The Night Vision

Guide To Security Camera LED Colors

When it comes to the color of the LED, most people think that it doesn’t matter because it’s just an indicator light. But there are many different colors, and they all have their meanings.

The color of the light emitted by a security camera is not just an aesthetic choice; it can significantly impact how people perceive the camera and react to it.

LED lights are a common indicator of a security camera. They can be either yellow, green, or blue.

Yellow: This is the most common color for LED lights on security cameras. Yellow LEDs are often used because they are less expensive than other colors and have a longer lifespan.

Green: A green LED often indicates that the camera detects motion. It will light up when motion is detected and turn off when no motion is detected for 30 seconds.

Blue: A blue LED indicates that the camera has been armed or set to record continuously in an event-triggered mode.

How to Determine If a Security Camera’s Red Light Is Broken?

A red light on a security camera typically indicates that the camera is recording or in standby mode. When the light is off, the camera is not recording.

If you notice that your security camera’s red light is off, this could indicate a problem with the power supply to the camera. Contact an IT professional for assistance if you don’t have a backup power supply for your security cameras.

If you notice that your security camera’s red light is blinking, this could indicate a problem with the video signal from the camera to the DVR or NVR.

Knowing the symptoms of a broken security camera red light is important. A broken light will not turn on and will be completely dark. If there are other lights on the camera, they may also be out.

How To Hide The Security Camera Red Light?

1. Use Black Tape

The simplest way to hide the red light on a security camera is by using black electrical tape. You can easily conceal the light by tapping the camera’s light source. This works especially well if your camera is inside a closet or enclosed space. If using this method, wrap the tape around the lens and the light source. This will prevent light from leaking out from the sides of the tape.

2. Use a Black Marker

If you’re worried about the electrical tape coming loose or falling off, you can try covering the light with a black marker instead. This method is simple and easy to apply, and you can remove it easily if you need to remove the camera from the area. However, it would help if you were careful that the ink from the marker doesn’t get on or inside the camera.

3. Use a Sticker

Stickers are another simple and easy way to cover the light on your security camera. You can choose to use a black sticker or pick one that matches your camera’s color. The advantage of using a black sticker is that it blends in well. If you use a colored sticker, it may stand out more. Make sure to use a weatherproof sticker that can withstand outdoor conditions.

4. Use a Piece of Cloth

If you want a more stylish way to hide the red light on your security camera, you may be able to use a piece of cloth. Make sure the cloth is thick enough to block the light but thin enough that it can be easily placed over the light. This method is especially helpful if you have an indoor camera that doesn’t need to be completely concealed.


Today, cameras are frequently employed for surveillance as well as property security. Various security camera models, each with a different function, are also available.

Most security cameras have a red light that tells them to start recording. Simple reasons for security cameras to feature red lights include privacy, warning intruders, and, in rare instances, motion detection.

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